Hi, I'm Erin.

NLP Coaching

I’m obsessed with guiding artistic visionaries toward a life of prosperity, freedom, wellness and joy.

I’ve made it my mission to de-hypnotize anyone who’s ready from the limitations imposed on them their entire lives that are causing them to play small and live a life that sucks the happiness out of them. I’m an advocate for mental health, making your biggest, most magnificent dreams come true and radical ownership of your own circumstances so that you’re empowered to continually live a life according to your most desired reality.  

Up until a few years ago, I suffered from depression and debilitating panic attacks. I was working in the marketing industry as a copywriter and even went as far as being the VP of marketing at a business consulting firm. I owned my own house in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Denver and had an amazing group of smart, fun and adventurous friends.

But something clearly wasn’t right.

I was waking up with a sense of dread. I couldn’t really get excited about a future in marketing. The formalities of asking for time off, performance reviews and scheduled hours of attendance at a job seemed arbitrary at best and existentially insane at worst. I knew that for me and my truth that as long as I was asking any other person or entity for permission, pay or validation of my value that I would never be truly free.

Inspiration For Artists

The consequences were devastating, and at one point came close to taking my life. The anxiety prevented me from going to social events. Depression was a convenient excuse to sleep as much as possible, but only after several glasses of wine. I was gaining weight, my light was dimming.

It was time to make a change.

NLP Coaching For CreativesThe problem was, I was so far down in a dark place that I couldn’t see how to get myself out. It took some strategy, a few years of listening to some amazing podcasts and a powerful encounter with Tony Robbins, but it all lead to me connecting with what my true freedom and joy is:

Smashing the stereotype of the broke, addicted and depressed artist by providing powerful life-coaching services that guide creatives toward prosperity, wellness and joy.

I was raised around musicians. I went to an arts high school. My first stop in any new city is always the art museum. I adore artists, writers, comedians, performers, musicians, actors and creative visionaries of all kinds from the bottom of my heart. When I realized that all of the studying that I had done to pull myself out of my own black hole applied to the people that I love the most, everything just clicked and the rest is, as they say, history.

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”— NAPOLEON HILL, THINK AND GROW RICH

That brings me to you.

I started this business to serve, to give you a unique set of skills that lets you live your truth and freedom. I believe that the world needs the rebels and the visionaries; the unique perspective and powerful presentation that any artistic medium can deliver; the powerful voice of the natural-born dissenter. We live in crazy times, and we need the beautiful dreamers to lead those who are living a nightmare into the light.

I believe that’s you.

I’ve designed my business to meet you on your journey where you’re at. So whether you’d like to listen to my free podcast, pay less than you do for coffee to join a community where I share special resources and live Q and A, group coaching or are ready to go all in on one-on-one coaching, there is something here for you.

I’m so excited that you’re here and I can’t wait to discover how our journeys will cross.

Thank you for creating. Remember that the world needs you.


P.S. Are you a creative who’s ready to start a career? Or maybe you’re career is rocking and you’d like to go even further? I offer a free complimentary consultation so we can explore what kind of coaching services would best suit your needs.

Learn more about my chance encounter with Tony Robbins & what got me started on my journey to serve artists just like you.