The Creative Mindset Podcast

Welcome to the Creative Mindset Podcast where I sit down with artists, comedians, actors, musicians, photographers and other creative visionaries. We talk about mental health, the ups and downs of creative careers, and how we rise above the dark times to keep creating a life that we’re born to live.

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Mark Clifford,
Musician & Composer

Community is the key to creative success.

Neon Brown,
DJ & Composer

One of my favorite DJ’s, eternally creative.

Christina Simone,
Las Vegas Photographer

Ever fall in love with someone’s spirit at first glance? Yeah, me too. This is her.

Nathan Bock,
Los Angeles-Based Actor

Thoughtful, wise, determined. This man has gone after his dream after a later-in-life awakening to his purpose with a determination that has been so inspiring to watch.

Jamie Davis,
Central California Visual Artist

From traumatized to fully blossomed. This girl has transformed her inner world and burst on to the Central California art scene.

Daquan Terrence,
Las Vegas Photographer

Urban, gritty, unique point of view.

Colin Stranahan,
New York Percussionist

“I wanted to do something that helped people, not hurt them.”