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We were all taught in school that copying was bad. And if you’ve been blessed with a creative temperament, there’s a chance that you have a special attachment to the idea of originality. I know that I did. I thought that every single word that I wrote should be a testament to originality, reeking of my footprint of genius.

It wasn’t until I found myself in an uninspired career with zero motivation and totally house poor that I realized something might not be working. It’s true: as an artist or performer, you have something that the world needs that is truly, uniquely you. But if you’re eating ramen or reading this in the gray-walled torture chamber cubicle so you can pay the bills, it means that your vision is suffering.

This is where an NLP technique called modeling comes into play for anyone creating their own success in the creative industries. I knew that I wanted to be a coach. I knew that I wanted to be really good at it. But I didn’t know how to execute on my dream.

And then I made a decision to model my actions off of someone who was already massively successful in the coaching industry. You can watch the story here:

This video documents something that happened exactly a year ago. I knew I was going to see one of the best coaches in the world up close and personal and to surrender to gaining knowledge. By setting that intention, I received more than I could have ever dreamed of.

If you’re tired of floundering while trying to make your dream happen, get really specific on what you want if you haven’t already. Then find someone who is living a life close to the life that you’re currently dreaming of. Then get curious: what are they doing? What did they study? Who do they hang out with? What do they eat for breakfast?

For me, the question that catapulted me to my career was: what does he study? I also had to see up close and personal the power of coaching to bust through some of my own limiting beliefs about my industry.

What questions are you asking? Whose life are you going to model? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Happy modeling,

Life Coach Erin Vazquez

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