Hypnosis Services For Creatives

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Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation wherein the person going in to trance is able to access inner knowledge and wisdom that resides at an unconscious level.

Despite what Hollywood would have us think, going into trance does not mean “losing control” or that you have to succumb to the will of the hypnotist. In fact, it’s a perfectly safe non-invasive and relaxing method that can at the very least allow you access illuminating information and at the very most, facilitate profound shifts that will support you in achieving success in your creative career.

You can also learn about Neuro-linguistic Programming or Time Line Therapy (TM) for creative professionals as well.

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"Erin is an excellent and experienced therapist/coach! Very professional, caring, and assertive. She didn't forget any details of our conversation, she was able to help me with an issue I had. I highly recommend her! I really enjoyed working with her!"
Hypnosis for creatives
Annarella, Hypnosis Client
Nutrition Activist
"Erin was phenomenal when I contacted her about a phobia. She responded quickly to my request and was able, via hypnotherapy, to help me conquer my fear. When one method did not work for me, she was able to quickly adjust to what was most useful for me. She set me up for immediate success and gave me exercises to help with anxiety spikes in the future. Her compassion and follow up post session was unparalleled."
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Hypnosis Client