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Luck Is Bullshit

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Last year, after I had broken out of 9 to 5 slavery and started the coaching practice that I’d so long dreamed of, someone (very well-meaning, by the way) commented on a pic of me hugging Tony Robbins saying how “lucky” I was.  

My reply: “luck has nothing to do with it, my friend.” 

The day when I was hugging Tony Robbins – for the second (and not last) time in my life – was also a day that I had spent in a VIP luncheon listening to Gary Vaynerchuck. I’d also sat front and center in an arena while Sara Blakely spoke about her journey from copy machine sales lady (“this is not my movie”) to a self made BILLIONairess.  

It was a day that I was able to treat myself to after years of investing tens of thousands of dollars in education and coaching for myself. It was a day that I indulged in after multiple cycles of trying and failing – and then trying again. It was a day that I enjoyed after years of depression gripping at my throat like a dark mistress, nights staying up wondering if any of it was worth it – and then making my own decision to make it all worth it. And to find the light. And to create a life of joy.

Moments of grace were certainly there along the way. But luck? Luck did not land me in the audience of majorly inspiring individuals for a day of soaking in the frequency of determination and success.

I’m sharing this with you because I’m wondering if you’ve ever felt like the people out there making money creating art, writing books, acting, telling jokes or composing music are somehow just “luckier” than you. Or maybe you’re not worried that they’re luckier than you, but you’re wondering if they’re somehow better than you. Or “chosen.” Whatever it is, if you’re living a life that’s unfulfilled, that keeps you up at night terrified that you’re missing out on your calling, I can tell you right now, luck isn’t going to someday smile down on you and open the doors to the life you’re dreaming of.

It’s going to take you making decisions. Decisions to take steps forward, no matter how uncomfortable or strange it might seem. You have to make the decision to invest in yourself, whether that’s time, coaching, networking, classes, supplies – whatever that is for you. You have to decide to get better, be better and be humble all while celebrating your successes and what makes you you. You have to decide to surround yourself with like-minded individuals on parallel path ready to claim their success and step into the spotlight – while supporting and loving their brethren along the way.

Today, there will be a lot of merriment around the idea of luck. And while I’m not here to rain on your St. Paddy’s Day Parade, I do want to take a second to impart a perspective about what separates people who are living their purpose and accomplishing their dreams from those who are drifting and stuck, possibly hoping for luck to shine her smile upon them someday.

I remember when I was stuck in corporate America living an IRL nightmare of the movie Office Space, wondering how I had grown from a child who read for hours and chased bubbles to a grown up who was letting her soul die in the confines of a gray cube. I can (sort of) laugh at those times now as I run my business from a laptop, choosing when and with whom I work (“work” being a loose term in since I LOVE what I do), and have locked into a life of joy and purpose.

Even though it feels like a completely different lifetime, it wasn’t that long ago. When I look back on what’s different now (besides everything), one thing in particular stands out:

What I believe has changed drastically.

I used to believe that people who were successful were “lucky.” I thought that they were bestowed permission from the heavens above to go out and be a successful singer or writer. I thought that they’d stumbled into their prosperity hap-hazardly.

I. Was. Wrong.

I started listening to podcasts where people being interviewed were living in that sweet spot that I’d so longed for – that delicious intersection of prosperity and creativity. These were entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, comedians, writers, actors, scientists – basically people who I’d been dying to coach my entire life. And thank god I started listening to these podcasts because what I learned was luck had nothing to do with their success.

Each interview outlined amazing journeys full of ups and downs, challenges met and overcome, times wanting to give up, sometimes addiction and divorce. Sometimes there was death of a loved one, the loss of a coveted gig. Major failures and extreme humiliations. And for every one of these people who are now considered “lucky” by some, there are moments of decision. Decisions to:

  • Get better
  • Learn more
  • Be humble
  • Keep going
  • And believe in ones’ self

You might know that you were born to create beautiful paintings. Or compose the next hip-hop masterpiece. I know that I was born to help creatives stand in their greatness. So I started a program that replaces luck with knowledge and community called Creative Career Breakthrough.

This group coaching program is designed for artists, musicians, writers, comedians, actors and other creative bad-asses who are ready to get started on a journey. This is a six-week program with live coaching calls and weekly exercises that will help you:

  • Make more money doing what you love.
  • Get more gigs, shows and opportunities that open the doors to a life you’ve only dreamed of.
  • Break away from the slavery of office jobs.
  • Be a true professional in your field.
  • Get really clear on where you are and how to get to where you’ve dreamed of.
  • Bond with like-minded individuals who will be there for support.
  • Receive the benefit of premium one-on-one coaching for a fraction of the price.

>>>Learn more about the program here.<<<

I remember when I first made a new decision to believe something different – that I was in charge of my destiny. I remember how amazing it was to find a place that helped me get to where I wanted to go. I built Creative Career Breakthrough to provide that for the next generation of creators ready to step into a life full of joy and prosperity. 

You are amazing. You deserve what your heart is desiring. You deserve mastery over your destiny. You deserve to be so much more than lucky.

Shine bright,

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