• Like a slingshot, Erin was an essential guide along my journey of growth and reaching my goals! The techniques she uses continue to help me reach my monthly goals! Making the decision to hire a coach was a tough one for me, and there are so many to choose from, I am celebrating (thanks to Erin!) not only did I hire a coach, but hired the right one! I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to help me grow.

    Michelle Wilsak Entrepreneur, Founder of Admin To You, Las Vegas
  • Erin was phenomenal when I contacted her about a phobia. She responded quickly to my request and was able, via hypnotherapy, to help me conquer my fear. When one method did not work for me, she was able to quickly adjust to what was most useful for me. She set me up for immediate success and gave me exercises to help with anxiety spikes in the future. Her compassion and follow up post session was unparalleled.

    Jaymie Butler-Taylor Licensed Loan Partner, Las Vegas
  • It was great to have had the opportunity to do some with work with Erin. She was friendly and welcoming, which allowed me to be open and vulnerable in a safe environment.

    My session with her allowed me to dispel the limiting beliefs that dwelled within my subconscious. These breakthroughs gave me the clarity I needed to move forward towards achieving my goals.

    I’m grateful to have spent some one on one time with her. I highly recommend anyone who wants to take their lives to the next level to work with Erin.

    Kevin Paz Food and Beverage Manager of the Omni Hotel, San Francisco
  • Having Erin Vazquez as my Life Coach has absolutely changed my life. She has helped me to learn skills and gain knowledge that without a doubt have helped me to pursue my dreams. I have never felt that so many great things were possible for me and Erin has helped me to make it all a reality. I can not thank her enough!

    Jamie Davis Visual Artist
  • Erin has a way of letting you know that you are being heard. You can see her cutting through all the junk that is holding you back. She will not let you, or your unconscious, get away with anything negative or detrimental to your well being. She helped me clear some things out that I did not even know were impeding my progress, and things have been flowing ever since. I highly recommend that you work with Erin as soon as you can.

    Spike Spencer Fair Winds Investment Group, Inc., CEO
  • Erin's warm and friendly presence is an encouragement to those she works with. I was privileged get some very valuable one on one time with her. She inspired me to get back on track with some huge goals that I had and I am now aggressively seeing positive results. Erin's style of coaching is approachable and welcoming, providing a safe space to explore potential, while at the same time holding me accountable to be the best I can be. She is an amazing blessing in my life! I encourage you to invest in yourself to see positive outcome in your life with Erin's support.

    Lauri Waddell International Speaker and Real Estate Investor, Lauri-Waddell.com
  • Erin impressed me very much with her confidence, her intuitive sensibility, and her skill at guiding me through my coaching journey. Her passion for helping get from where they are to where they want to be is quite evident in the high level kindness and attention she brings to all of her interactions. I look forward to working with Erin again, and highly recommend her to anyone considering working with her.

    Sasha Nelson
  • I had a phenomenal session with Erin which was key for my motivation to go after exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend her hypnosis and coaching services. Her work is top notch and produces excellent results!

    Glenn Curran Engineer at Alorica

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