Time Line Therapy (TM)

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Time Line Therapy (TM) is a relatively new method of therapy that allows people to make rapid transformations at an unconscious level. By letting go of the emotions associated with past traumas and events, they are free to move forward in their lives not encumbered by emotional attachments that no longer serve them. 

Time Line Therapy (TM) works quickly and effectively without making the client relive traumatic events. This method of therapy has been used to help veterans resolve PTSD, long time sufferers of depression find joy and freedom, get to the root cause of anxiety attacks and so much more. 

I’ve been practicing this amazing form of therapy for over a year and the profound transformations that happen in the matter of an instant are something that never fails to astound me.

You can also learn about Neuro-linguistic Programming or Hypnosis for creative professionals as well.

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"I am so grateful to Erin. She helped me get past an emotional block with which I have struggled with my whole life. I'd discussed this problem many times, over the years, with other therapists and, of course, with friends who had tried to give me well-meaning but ultimately useless advice. I needed someone experienced who could use effective tools to help me discover my unhealed wounds and finally heal them for good. I never realized how many scarred events in my past caused me to self-sabotage my chances of being happy in the future! She uncovered memories I had suppressed. She worked through them with me and never was impatient or upset if I had a hard time getting myself to relax. I'm amazed at the insight and breakthrough that I have gotten from working with Erin. I feel an incredible sense of relief. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am eternally grateful to Erin for this. I have a new understanding of how I can move forward in life in a much more effective way. I feel empowered in a way which I never have around this issue. It is truly incredible for me to be able to move past this. Each session we had together got me one step closer to victory over this area of my life. Even after we'd come to a resolution (took about 3 months), she offered me a reasonable package where I can come in to check in with her every month to make sure things in my life were running smoothly. I always look forward to these monthly check-in's and it truly shows that Erin is here to help me achieve in every area of my life. I'm more than just a Client, I am a friend she actually cares about, which is often so rare to find within a life coach in this industry. I highly recommend Erin for anyone who feels helpless and lost in a certain painful area of their lives. Seriously, life is too short to continue living this way. Working with Erin has changed my life and I am so thankful our paths crossed. Thanks again Erin! You're the best!"
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Janet T.