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How To Trust Your Inner Visionary

If there is one thing that I can’t say enough to the people that I work with – and myself – it would be this:

Nurture your vision. Feed it. Cultivate it. Flow with it. Let it evolve, but also be the steadfast keeper of it.

There are several reasons why I bring this up.

  1. You and you alone know in your heart what you were put here to do. You’re a creative visionary and by definition you’re up to things that no one can quite grasp because those things don’t exist yet. There will come a day when you execute and bring in to fruition what you’ve been toiling over for months, years, possibly your whole life, but until then no one is going to understand. And because they don’t understand, there’s a strong possibility that their advice is not valid. This is not true across the board, but you must know that when you get blank looks from other people, it is not necessarily an indicator that you’re going down the wrong path.
  2. The more connected you are to your vision, the easier you’ll discern between good and bad ideas/advice. This goes both from yourself and from other people. The further you are from the bigger picture, the more space there is for the newest fad or shiny object syndrome make its way in between you and what you were put on this earth to do.
  3. People are going to bring their limitations to you as if you should adopt them as your own. When I sat down with Colin Stranahan for my podcast, he told me a story that was basically the authoring of his creative authority. When he moved to NYC to be a drummer, he was being told by people that he’d been listening to and inspired by his entire life that making it as a drummer in the city is just something that doesn’t happen anymore. When I asked Colin why he didn’t just pack his bags and leave immediately, he told me that in his heart he knew that he was supposed to be in NYC doing the thing he loved. He refused to take on the limitations of someone else’s story – even his idols’ – so that he could be the author of his own story. To be the keeper of his own vision.

So here’s the how behind all of this:

  1. Continually show up to do the work on yourself. This way you’ll be clear and receptive to inspiration and inner and outer guidance as well as be grounded enough through uncertain times that you can continue to move forward with that thing that’s in your heart. This is basically another way of saying – get super tight with your gut instinct.
  2. Create a practice of visiting the vision every day. Vision board. Meditate. Journal. Write a statement of desire (a la Think and Grow Rich) and read it aloud twice a day. But keep it current in your heart, mind and soul. Make it so strong that not even people that you look up to can take the wind out of your sails.
  3. Join a trusted tribe. Find a group of people experiencing success in the same vein you are. Join a MeetUp. Join or start a Master Mind. But be sure that they’re fighting the good fight and going after similar things. Meaning: they’re visionaries (remember it won’t be their job to really “get” what you’re doing) who believe they deserve prosperity, success and happiness and that they are not victim to the stories of those who have fallen on the path before them.

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