Help With Depression

{Video} Ease The Suffering Of Depression

When news broke that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide, there was a lot of talk on social media about mental health, the responsibility of celebrities and questions about why someone with that kind of life – travel, food, freedom, connection – would be so selfish as to end it all.

If you’ve ever struggled from depression, and not just a funk brought on by a rough patch in the road, you know all too well the answer to anyone’s bewilderment over the matter. Depression doesn’t care if it “makes sense,” it doesn’t care if you travel the world, it simply just doesn’t care. 

As someone who’s suffered in the past, I know all too well the realities of depression and anxiety. And I’m here to tell you there’s hope. I recorded this video in the hopes that it could offer something to someone who is suffering.

I genuinely want to know: what was helpful? What did you take from this? What other questions do you have regarding depression and mental health? Leave your comments below.

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