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{Video} The Art Of Setting A Goal For Success 2 of 4

If you’ve even dipped your toe into the self-development pool, you’ve likely come across various articles, memes and quotes about goals. If you’re on this website, it’s highly likely that you got ’em. And there’s a strong chance that you want to achieve them. And despite the wide-spread understanding that goals are good to have, there’s not much about how to set them in a way that optimizes your chances for success.

In the second of four videos of this series, I discuss the 7 conditions that are required to optimize achieving your goals successfully. They’re called the Well-Formedness Conditions.

(If you haven’t already watched the first video of this series, I recommend you do before watching this one. Watch it here.)

Grab a pen and notebook and get ready to take notes!

As a recap:

  1. Your goal is stated in the positive.
  2. The goal is initiated by you.
  3. You’re able to create a description of the sensory experience of the outcome (accomplished goal) and the steps needed to get there.
  4. The goal is ecological, supports all aspects of your life.
  5. There’s more than one way to achieve your goal.
  6. You’re able to specify and achieve the first step to working toward your goal.
  7. That the goal increases your choice.

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