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{Video} The Art Of Setting A Goal For Success Part 4 of 4

Welcome to the final, and in my opinion the most fun, step in the process that I use to set and achieve my goals. As a life coach, I work with my clients to clearly define their goals and discover everything they already have to support the successful realization fo what they desire – as well as what’s missing.

It takes thought and consideration; I’m not here to offer a quick fix. Rather, I’m offering a practice that, once integrated into your life on a regular basis, will increase your chances of success and help you identify possible conflicts that need to be resolved before you set about your next big (or little) project!

In the final part of the process, I take you through a guided visualization. It’s an introduction to Time Line Therapy™, which is an amazing tool to play, heal and receive helpful perspectives. Give yourself about a half hour to watch this video, and be in a place with no interruptions so you can let go and let your mind wander. 

And if you haven’t already, please watch the previous videos (parts one, two and three) to ensure that you’re able to get the full scope of what this amazing practice has to offer you.

When you’re done watching this video, get your “I can do it” muscle flexing by downloading your free copy of my special report and workbook: 7 Steps To Building The Creative Life & Career of Your Dreams. This workbook was designed for creatives who are ready to share their voice, claim their worth and start living a life where they thrive. Simply click on the image below.

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